Client Profile

Armed with the knowledge that our greatest strength comes from targeting moderate and consistent returns, we pride ourselves on working with clients whose primary aim is growing reasonably while maintaining what they already have.

By and large, our clients are people with a high level of investment experience and understanding. They have acquired a varied number of holdings and strategies over time, yet have likely never fully evaluated all of their assets in relationship to one another. Working through this process with us (initially and again each time we meet), provides them with the framework they are seeking to guide the decisions they face.

Our clients appreciate structure, planning, diligence and prudence. They expect a highly ordered and professional approach from us, as they demand the same from themselves.

We are also fortunate to work with an ever increasing group of Apple and HP employees and alumni. If you are (or have been) affiliated with one of these organizations, please click on the appropriate company name below to access company specific planning and investment information.