Client Experience

Earning the position as a trusted advisor for the families we serve, means remaining keenly aware of how money affects everything in our lives. This is why our expertise in managing the choices our clients make about money is always done within the full context of life’s many variables. As life unfolds, we are all provided with new opportunities and challenges – opportunities and challenges that our advisors are exceptionally well suited to counsel you through.

Evaluation Process

In the beginning, prospective clients and our advisors expect an evaluation period. Our perspective is that this time of assessment requires a series of meetings. During these appointments, we’ll work together to uncover goals & expectations as well as complete analyses. After having spent a number of hours together, both parties will have a clear understanding of true current circumstances and future expectations. For insight into the content of these exploratory meetings, please refer to our Investment Process.

Cash Flow — Tax Analyses

Critical to understanding before any investment choices are made, is the specific way that money moves through each of our client’s lives. The costs of monthly living, the future expectations of family support, and the varying desires to leave a legacy (just to name a few), have great impact on which strategies may or may not be appropriate for investment. At the onset of a new relationship, as well as annually (and often in between), we run cash flow illustrations that are crucial to investment success.

Asset Allocation Recommendations

After the cash flow planning process has been completed, portfolio construction begins. Because we’re now aware of the size and frequency of asset draw-downs, possible allocations can be modeled. We’re careful to allocate client assets across many different opportunities and risks, (including alternative assets), striving to increase portfolio consistency and reliability. We also manage qualified and non-qualified asset mixes separately, with distinct expectations for access, risk and reward.